Knowledge Seekers
Get access to procurement expertise in just 5 clicks and 2 minutes
As a knowledge seeker, you obtain an answer tailored to your specific procurement needs, from the industry's best experts. We make it simple for you to find a true expert.
What does Solutiam offer?

  • Saves time and effort
  • 400 procurement categories to choose from
  • Guaranteed value from verified experts
  • Pay only when you are happy with the result

Procurement Experts
Share your valuable expertise and earn 200 every time a knowledge seeker asks for your advice
As an expert, you'll be sharing knowledge within the procurement community, helping to level the playing field between large companies and SMEs, and contributing to the performance of the procurement function within an organization.
Why join Solutiam?

  • Hassle-free client base
  • Earn a full-time or secondary income
  • Quick to create reports in predefined formats
  • Receive payment fast

Who are the Knowledge Seekers
A typical Knowledge Seeker is:

  • A small or medium company looking for the best suppliers in a given market. For example, the top 3 providers of WMS.
  • A large company that wants to investigate alternative procurement strategies. For example, benchmark prices for aggregates.
  • Any organization looking to increase their knowledge in a specific category rapidly and with minimal effort.

Who are the Procurement Experts
A typical Expert is:

  • A category buyer currently working in a large organization and with day in, day out knowledge of a particular category.
  • An independent procurement contractor with deep specialization in the category they selected.
  • A young retiree who has gathered in-depth knowledge and wants to act as a mentor.
  • All our experts are independent from Solutiam; they are working buyers who want to share their comprehensive knowledge.

Knowledge Seekers Our job: make it simple for you!

a) Two questions to choose from b) we will match experts to your question c) you pick the expert you like and that's it! d) you wait for the answer.
Questions are already predefined, even the answer format is known. See our questions and answers below:
Procurement Experts Our job: make it simple for you!

Based on UNSPSC categorization, Solutiam has handpicked 400 specific categories of goods and services. You can be a procurement expert in categories ranging from Accounting Services to Wood and Plant Fibers - we've got you covered! Pick the category where you're a true wizard and start providing preformatted answers - simple!
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